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Upstream and downstream industry development trend of cooperation and exchange forum „, China


Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese appliance market research group released a joint investigation, „2009 China LED TV performance test report“ shows: LED TV compared to conventional CCFL backlight source for the


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Environmental protection


, High-definition picture quality, rich colors and high reliability advantages. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, consumer electronics and home appliances in offices in the early cooperation of the mainstream stores „LED TV consumer subjective evaluation“ activities. Evaluation activities, Haier T3 slim LED TV in HD mode card expressive, stylish ultra-thin, energy saving so widely recognized by consumers, whether it is appearance, color performance, or clarity, all performed . Haier LE40T3 outstanding performance in the color area, won the „LED TV color the best performance award“ award, LE46T3 was awarded the „LED TV picture quality and overall performance Best Award“ title, while its contribution in the energy efficiency is still held not long ago The „2009 China Energy Conservation

Flat Panel TV

Market Development Forum „won“ 2009 Best Energy-saving flat-panel TV Choice Awards. „

It is understood that Haier launched the „T3“ modular-LED Series ultra-thin average thickness of only 25mm, while the LED backlight TV’s survival is at present the most advanced uses RGB 3-color backlight. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology digital TV standards compliance testing center Zhangsu Bing, deputy director, said to reporters: LED TV currently on the market is divided into three color RGB backlighting and edge lighting and white are two main characteristics of white LED is the low cost , while Haier LED series using the RGB three-color light source, high purity can be issued in the red, green, blue light of LED devices of traditional CCFL light source can not achieve the wide color gamut. In fact, most of current market with the white light LED technology, LED series such as Haier, RGB tri-color backlight using high-end machine is relatively small.

Haier thin model series in the rating card LEDT3 hundreds of brand models stand out, in addition to the advanced LED technology, the more important advantage is its unique mode card feature. Through a patented „open stream interface“, insert the various features of the model card, can achieve the functions of the upgrade. Such as plugging a „Digital Cable-mode card“, can directly watch digital cable TV; plug in „Thunderbolt download card“ then morph into network television, which traditional TV can not be upgraded to solve the problem, avoid the product from the source upgrading pollution from waste, energy saving realize the whole system is the information age, the trend of the most exciting new fashion one.

China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo said consumers concerned about the degree LED television products have been as high as 75%, China ready to buy LED TV this year, 34% of consumers. Application of LED technology, the fundamental aim of green energy, Haier model card TV not only has the world’s leading LED technology combined with innovative functionality mode card, not only a comprehensive energy conservation upgrades, but also conforms to the trend of 3C integration. This innovative idea not only for the flat development of the industry made a strong opening, it is Haier


Tireless efforts to meet consumer demand the best proof.

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